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The Chinese government has a sinister secret. And it’s hiding in plain sight. Drawing from internal military documents and never-before-seen writings and speeches by Xi Jinping, The Final Struggle takes readers inside Beijing’s shadowy halls of power to reveal the plans, intentions, and operations of the most powerful – and covert – political organization in the world.

For decades the economic rise of China has been paired with an insistence from the government in Beijing that theirs would be a peaceful rise; that other countries had nothing to fear from China. The democratic world has been largely content to accept those promises, as cheap manufactured goods and huge profits for Western elites flowed out of China. In truth, leaders from Deng Xiaoping onward have been biding their time as China’s power grew.

Today a strengthened, emboldened Chinese Communist Party is dropping the act. Chairman Xi Jinping has amassed more power than any leader since Mao Zedong, and his officials openly proclaim their intention to change the world, subvert democratic norms and instill their own brand of autocratic control. In a nutshell: to remake the world in China’s image, something Xi refers to as “the final struggle”.

The arenas the CCP seeks to control include global manufacturing, currency markets, finance, trade, security, food production and distribution, human rights, health, counter-terrorism, human rights, strategic resources, and more. Taken together this amounts to nothing less than a desire for global domination, a desire the Party has already started to make a reality. Deeply researched and engagingly written, The Final Struggle is an urgent call to understand Beijing’s true intentions, and to act before it’s too late.


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“The Final Struggle shows, using the regime’s own words, how Beijing’s aspirations aren’t regional—they’re global, with grave implications not only for democracy, but for the centuries-old principle of national sovereignty.”

—Matt Pottinger

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